Drive by Raymond Ahrens

When a man escapes from an old folk’s home, he connects with his luscious and lurid past to find the family he lost. 

Published 2013, Tasora Books

Don worked with the authors to help them complete these books: memoirs, novels, and non-fiction.

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Echo from Mount Royal by Dave Riese

Montreal, Canada, the 1950s. A young woman’s tumultuous romance with a man from a wealthy family creates friction with her parents; this unleashes family secrets that threaten their future together.   

Published 2015, Merrimack Media 
American Karma by Doug Shear

A young man’s quest for purpose and sanity in the confused 1970s.

Published 2009, CreateSpace 

The Peril and Promise of Performance Pay by Donald Gratz

This non-fiction book examines how schools and teachers can enhance their impact upon 

Published 2009, R&L Education 

Broken Voodoo Doll by Camile Velez

A young woman embraces her Cuban background of mysticism and magic while she searches for work and sexual fulfillment.   

Publishes 2014, CreateSpace 

When: a Tale of Suburban America by GF O’Sullivan

In this portrayal of troubled adolescents, accidental crime blends with vivid realism.

Published 2011,, Inc. 

Don also served as the WRITING COACH / EDITOR of these books

Novels and Screenplays

Blood and Spirit by Peter Donadio

1880s, New Mexico. The heir of a wealthy family becomes a priest; he must decide to be nonviolent, or seek justice for a terrible crime.

Screenplay, completed in 2014.
It Is What It Is by Rob Harvey, JD

A lawyer on Beacon Hill (Boston) struggles—and matures—in the midst of politics and a conflicted marriage.



Daisy's Bliss by Brendan Clifford, MD

Story of a doctor, his Navy pilot wife, and their remarkable healing dog.  

Confessions of a Rural Urologist by Arthur Cohen MD

Amusing tales of a curious physician.


Prisoners in the Kingdom of God: Tales of the Hidden Holocaust by Al Xavier, MD

Disturbing revelations of collusion between the Nazis, Americans, and Vatican.


​Shell Fragments of the Soul  by Bart McNeil

This dramatic account of soldiers who fought in D Day, World War Two features original interviews.


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Cultural Chameleon
Colours of a Cultural Chameleon by Shakti Hannie

“Where are you from?” Life gets interesting when one has no simple answer. 

Published 2020, Independently published