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Frequently  Asked  Questions

What are your services?

​      •  I help writers develop and complete: (a) stories and novels (b) memoirs and (c) non-fiction. 

      •  Together we work to build compelling characters, vivid scenes, and zinging dialogue.

      •  We can start with your manuscript at its beginning, middle, or final draft. I provide 
          sentence-by-sentence editscomments on style and clarity, plus questions to help you

How does your experience prepare you to be an editor?

      •  From 2005 to 2019 I was a professor of writing at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts.
          There I reviewed personal stories and essays.

      •  For 30+ years I have taught fiction and memoir writing at the Cambridge Center for Adult
          Education in Harvard Square (Massachusetts).

      •  Since 2005 I have been a writing coach/editor with individuals.

What do you enjoy most about this editing process?

      •  I meet unique, creative people—and we develop a team that is more effective than one of
          us solo.

      •  Together we share how exciting it is to write, read, and revise.

What are your writing accomplishments?

      •  I completed a doctoral thesis at Boston University on Henry David Thoreau.

      •  My books include two novels, two collections of short stories, and three memoirs.

      •  For 12 years I was a technical writer & instructional designer in medical software. In this
          role I completed and published training books with two nationally known companies.

What do you advise a person who is looking to hire an editor/writing coach?

      •  Take the time to decide who you choose.

      •  Ask questions—be specific about your project and your expectations.

      •  Agree on a fee (per page or hour or project) before you both begin.

      •  Develop trust with your editor; as a team you can accomplish the unexpected.

What are your strengths as an editor?

      •  I listen to people to discover (a) who they are, (b) what they need, and (c) how I can 
          inspire them to create their finest writing.

      •  I am an active writer; I understand the struggles and joys of finding the language for our
          experience and imagination.

How has your education prepared you to be a writing coach/editor?

      •  My doctoral dissertation (Boston University) is on Henry David Thoreau. This knowledge
          of American studies informs how I see contemporary writers.

      •  My BA is in psychology and literature: these fields interweave in every writing endeavor.

      •  I also earned a graduate certificate in software technical writing. This gives me skills  in 
          documentation: research & editing, layout & book design.