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writing  coach  and  editor
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"... basically polishes it up without taking away my voice, the essence of the story which is very important."
Camile Gonzalez
Author of novels
"...  his exquisite encouragement and suggestion have led me to sign up for his class, again and again." 
Julie Finestone
Writer of memoir and short fiction
"In working with Don for only one year, I have produced 2 dozen 1,500+ word pieces that I take enough pride in to share with others."
Dave Joliat
Writer of short stories 
"... he takes a personal interest in ensuring that each piece reaches its full potential." 
Doug Shear 
Author of novels and a memoir
Don Gervich, EdD, has been a college professor and teacher with more than 30 years of experience helping aspiring writers in classroom settings and private sessions.  

He will help you create realistic characters, enliven your dialogue, structure your plot, and develop your unique voice. 

He will provide you with page-by-page detailed edits as well as global comments to help refine your manuscript. 

He offers flexible, individualized coaching in the Boston area.  He can also work with you by phone conversations or via Zoom or Skype.

Writing Coach and Editor
  • Nonfiction or Research
​Special focus on these areas:

  • A title that captures the essence of the story
  • Enticing first page 
  • Narrator's unique and vivid voice
  • Distinct and memorable characters 
  • Characters' dialogue that reflects their personality
  • Believable plots with unexpected turns
  • Sensual language to enliven the scenes 
  • Effective ending
  • Fiction or Memoir

or email
Call (617) 924-1348